Can't wait.
Beautiful glass beads for Spring/Summer 2014
Colorful epoxide chain has arrived.
Rhinestoned Blow Fish charm??
not kidding.
Spikes are line up in great variation.
Super tool to pick up rhine stones.

This is so unique! chain links look like fishbones!

Nice open link chains are lined up 7 colors.

Cute charm has arrived!! The globe actually moves!!

Kumihimo disk
Kumihimo disk is now available.

Rondelle with baguette cut stones are beautiful spacer for your accessory design.

This modern looking rope chain is now available in 4different plating finish.

Rhinestoned head Pins
are now available in 2 sizes of stone,2 sizes of pins.

Actually functional lock & key charm in 2 different designs are available.

Square Rondelle
2 different designs of square rondelles are now available in 3 color variation.

Punch Plier
Unique tool to punch holes. it can punch 6 different size holes.

it's finally arrived!
check it out!

Unique chain like this will be an amazing material of your design.

Bubble Beads
Larger grains of resin covering beads as "bubble beads" they are cute!

Colorful whistles are lined up.these are unique accessory components as well as powerful tools for the emergency.

Dog Tags
Dog tags in variety of shapes are available.

Spiral Cord
Clip with stretchy spiral cord for you to keep your belongings stay with you.

Very fancy chain! beautiful links will give you a lot for your creativity

Unique chains are lined up!!

Cuff link
Simple cuff link with flat disk allow you to creat your own design.

Uniquely designed cross charms are available in 6 colors, 4 desighs.

Tiny glass bottle charms are lined up. you can creat unique pendant top out of it.

Simple earring hooks are available in 6 colors.

Closed Rings
Antique 3 colors added.
now 6 colors are available.

Key Holder
Gunmetal color is added to this style.

Basil clip-on
Earring with screw to adjust huckness is a must have item to convert earrings to clip-on type!

Metal Rose
Metal Rose are now available in size 14mm.

Glass Beads
Glass Beads section lined up new styles, check out bar shape beads w/2 holes!!

Jump Rings
Large size aluminum jump rings are available.

Decent sized aluminum chains are so popular now.

Metal Beads
Beautiful spacer beads are lined up in our metal beads collection.
check them out!!!

Oblong box chains are available in 3 colors.

New Print arrived! fancy pink rose print is now available in 12mm,14mm and 16mm!

Tubes in slightly large size are added to our selection.

Glass Beads
Colorful glass beads in lrge size are lined up. Get ready for spring/summer out fit!

Metal Beads
Large size cone shape caps are perfect for multistrand necklace!

Fine enough to even string beads. super fire chains are available now.

Glass beads
colorful glass beads are arrived.

Cord Cap
finally color variation has lined up for snake chain caps.

It's so cute. tiny tiny keychain clasp has arrived.

Cord Cap
New color added to cord cap. now 4 colors available!

Crochet thread
Silk thread in colors are available in size E.

Metal Beads
Spacer bar for 3 strand arrived.

Metal Beads
Large Bali style looking cap arrived.

New style is added to the multi-strand clasps.

New color variation added to those closed rings.

Metal Beads Spacer
Small daisy spacers are unique beads to create jewelry.

Cotton Pearls
Soft & delicate looking pearls,cotton pearls,have lined up!!

Simple case will be perfect base for deco-project.

Key Holder
Strap with a clip will arrow you to hang & keep stuffs close to you.

Magnet Clasp
Large size magnetic clasps arrived!!